Framed Prints and Canvases

The framed prints and canvases you see on this page were displayed in galleries or shops. Pictures are shown both in context and close up so you can imagine how it would look in your home or place of business.

If you provide a photo of your space, we can superimpose the art for an idea of how it will look. For tips on choosing the right piece, see "How to pick artwork for your home."

The images are made with high-resolution professional cameras and Canon L series lenses and are printed on Kodak Endura Pro Paper, gallery wrap canvas, canvas masonite or metallic media.

See the Image Gallery page for many more images. Contact Lisa to inquire about finding the right piece for you! (920) 452-4469 or email.

"Dramatic Shore" 24x36

Scanned Flowers


Double Rose

Daffodil - Frilly

Daffodil - Trumpet

Zinnia- Yellow & Red

Zinnia - White

Zinnia Red & White

Zinnia - Striped

Scanned Flowers

When I saw prints that my Dad had made of flower bouquets placed on his scanner, I was struck by the way the light fell off the edges into complete blackness. I placed these cut flowers face down on the scanner bed. The hydrangea is my favorite. Zinnias are amazing because each one has a unique pattern. Same with daffodils and all of the Narcissus. I scanned  more flowers in the summer of 2016, including tree peonies and  all of the native flowers that I have been growing for the last few years and will work on them soon!


Beach Deconstructed

This large piece features a pine cone, a nut shell, driftwood and the prettiest Lake Michigan rocks that were polished and then photographed individually using natural light. When digitally reconstructed, the colorful, gem-like stones and other beach treasures appear to be floating over rippled sand. The 3-D work is created using four canvas panels which are attached to a photo of wavy sand printed on glossy paper and mounted to styrene. The 2" deep black shadow frame was custom built by Ted Thieme. Size 31"x31". $360

Photography at Creative Art & Framing

Large collages are available at Creative Art & Framing in the Mill Road shops in Sheboygan. Amy did a wonderful job framing two of the  24"x24" images as seen in the picture to the right. The prints will look wonderful in a lobby or area where you have space to fill. Two of these collages have not yet been framed and Amy has them in stock at the store. See larger views below of the four collages.

Creative Art & Framing also carries matted prints

so you may choose your favorite frame.

Owner Amy Harmelink


Winter Arches

Pussywillows & Clouds

Spring Maple & Clouds

Corner of Beech & Pine

Autumn Beach Grass

A brilliant autumn day along Lake Michigan at Kohler Andrae State Park, before the dunes were erased by strong waves and high water. Beautiful complimentary frame is called Edgewood Straw. Size shown is 27"x22".

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Any of the images that you see on this website can be printed onto fine art canvas as a gallery wrap. That means that the canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame. People often remark that these photographs look like paintings. The backs are finished with paper, bumpers and hangers. Unframed 24"x36" gallery wraps are $225. A wide variety of sizes and styles are available. They can be hung as is or you can add a float frame.


(In the image below, #2, 3 and 6 are by Sandy Kwas)

4. Golden Tree Sheboygan River  24x30"

1. Lone Tree at Kohler Andrae  24x36"

5. Gibbsville Barn 24x30"

Driftwood Sunrise

Lisa had to get down in the sand to get the sun into a position so it shone through the hole in this interesting piece of driftwood. It's actually the root section at the end of a long tree trunk. Size shown is 16x24.

We are working on this web page to show more pieces -- so come back soon!

Contact Lisa to get your custom image created today!  (920) 452-4469 or email