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Photo Retouching Service

After: Background replaced to look like studio shot

Before: Subjects don't stand out

After: Clean product shot, background removed

Before: Product pictures taken in a closet

After: Folds, stains and rips fixed. Better contrast

Before: The only copy of the old homestead was wrecked

After: Mural was photographed and digitally repaired, printed onto a 60"x35" canvas and installed on fireplace, over the top of the original painted version.

Before: Black River Advancement Hall mural, painted in 1927 onto chimney plaster. It had become ruined by  moisture and the plaster had chipped off in areas.

After: Hand, poles, posts removed

Before: Poor horse on a stick!

After: Subject selectively corrected for exposure

Before: A great picture but under exposed subject

After: Artistic zoom effect applied to cropped photo

Before: Nothing wrong with this picture!

After: A lot of skin smoothing, teeth whitening, etc.

Before: Original image shows the truth. :)